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He is the grandson of the sculptor Josep Campeny and the great-grandson of Damià Campeny. Self-taught, at the beginning he moved between constructivism and pop art, to evolve a personal style. He has held various exhibitions in US, Spain, France and Switzerland. Between 1974 and 1988 he lived in New York.

One of his most famous works is La Colometa (1984), located in the Plaza del Diamante, in the Gracia district. It is based on the novel La plaza del Diamante, by Mercè Rodoreda, whose protagonist was nicknamed Colometa ("little dove"). Made of bronze and corten steel, it presents a female body that crosses a triangular wall, surrounded by doves. 

Other works of his are: Venus of Brooklyn (New York, 1978), The Mirror-Atlantic Ocean (Würth La Rioja Museum, 1985), Transit (Fran Daurel Museum, 1989), Tribute to Antonio Machado (Hospitalet de Llobregat, 1994) , Tribute to Martin Luther King (Atlanta, 1996), The Family of Man (San Juan Despí, 1998), Tribute to Salvador Dalí (Figueras, 2004), etc.

In 2016 he began the project of the Tetramorphic figures that will crown the towers of the Evangelists of the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia: Saint John, the eagle; Saint Mark, the lion; Saint Matthew, the angel; and Saint Luke, the ox. Its placement is scheduled at the end of the works of the towers, around 2023.

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